Shear Maintenance 101: How To Check For And Correct Tension Problems

When it comes to professional hair shears, tension is everything. The tension of your shears is controlled by the screw that joins the two blades together. If the screw does not have enough tension, the blades will pull further apart, making it more difficult to cut hair. You may see that the hair bends or folds when you try to cut with shears that don't have enough tension. Too much tension creates too much resistance, which can make your hands ache and get tired more easily.

Tips To Help You Succeed In Cosmetology School

If you are attending cosmetology school and are struggling to learn how to perform specific procedures that are required in order to pass the classes that you have signed up for, the following tips may help. By practicing each step regularly, you may be able to perfect your craft and gain the confidence that you need in order to exceed as a licensed cosmetologist. Take Notes And Watch Videos  While in class, take notes and highlight key points, even if you are not required to do so.